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TITUSVILLE — Melissa Jean Scott, of Corry, was arraigned Thursday morning in front of District Judge Amy Nicols of Titusville on five charges relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine. 

Scott, 23, was charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors stemming from a traffic stop on Erie County Line Road in Sparta Township on Sept. 25.

Previous arrests were reported by The Corry Journal when Scott was arrested on meth-related charges on Dec. 14, as well as on June 23 for incidents that occurred on April 8. 

She now faces felony charges of possession of red phosphorous with intent to manufacture a controlled substance and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. Scott also faces misdemeanor charges of knowingly possessing ephedrine, intention to possess a controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Scott was confined to Crawford County Prison after she was unable to post $10,000 bail. 

At about 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 25, a Corry-based Pennsylvania State Police trooper stopped a silver Chevrolet Cavalier with an expired registration tag registered to a Ford Sedan, according to the criminal complaint.

As the trooper approached the vehicle, he observed Robert Still, 42, in the driver’s seat and Scott in the front passenger seat. The officer also noticed a pink pipe on the floor of the vehicle in plain view, at which time he ordered Still out of the vehicle and detained him. 

Still said he had just purchased the vehicle but did not have any paperwork for it. Upon speaking with Still, it was apparent that he was under the influence of a controlled substance. He related that he had smoked marijuana and methamphetamine earlier that day and said the pink pipe was his, the complaint stated.

Scott was ordered to exit the vehicle. As she exited the vehicle with her purse, two white needles fell from her person onto the ground, according to the complaint. One of the needles was empty while the other was loaded with a clear liquid substance. Scott was then placed under arrest, too. 

Police conducted a search of the vehicle and found another white needle in the driver’s side door jam. Police also found a black backpack that contained a suspected tool kit for methamphetamine production with white residue and a glass jar that contained a white granulated substance. 

During the search of the trunk compartment, a duffle bag was found to contain several white needles, numerous batteries and a glass pipe. A plastic Powerade bottle with white residue was also found in the trunk. 

Police then found a container filled with an unknown liquid with latex gloves stretched over each end located on the floor in the back seat on the passenger side of the vehicle. The search was then stopped due to officer safety concerns and the possibility of an active meth lab. 

The vehicle was impounded at the state police Corry barracks where the vehicle search was continued by the state police Clandestine Lab Response Team. 

The following items were seized from the vehicle: plastic bottle suspected to be a one pot meth lab, bottle of liquid fire, plastic containers with residue, straws, digital scale, glass jar with crystal, Ziplock bags, tubing cutter, jar with gray pills, bags of vinyl gloves and containers of syringes. 

The items were analyzed by the Erie Regional Laboratory and verified to contain pseudephedrine and ammonium nitrate, which are consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine. The lab also confirmed there was .079 grams of methamphetamine seized from the vehicle. 

Still was arraigned Dec. 20 before District Judge Amy Nicols and was remanded to Crawford County Prison after he was unable to post $20,000 bail. He was charged with two felonies, five misdemeanors and seven summary offenses. 

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