Don’t look now, but winter is on the way.

And so is a check from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to reimburse the city of Corry for helping maintain state-owned streets within city limits during the winter.

Corry City Council Monday signed an agreement that assures PennDOT that the city’s streets department will plow and salt state-owned streets for the next five years. The city and PennDOT have maintained a mutual agreement for decades, City Administrator Gerry Dahl said.

In return, PennDOT will reimburse the city $41,031.77 for maintaining those streets for the 2010-11 winter season. PennDOT will pay the amount in one lump sum, with the check expected to arrive in Corry by late September,

PennDOT’s payment will increase by 3 percent in each of the subsequent winters, with the contract expiring at the end of the 2014-15 winter season.

Payment will be as follows: 2011-12, $42,262.72, 2012-13, $43.530; 2013-14, $44,836.53; and 2014-15, $46.181.63.

“If there is a severe winter, PennDOT often gives us an additional payment based on their own budget statewide,” Dahl said.

The city believes plowing and salting the state-owned streets in winter is only logical.

“We’re out there anyway, it would make no sense for us to pick up our plows when we get to a state road,” Dahl said.

Combined, state-owned streets in the city comprise 12.97 linear miles. When you add in two lanes for every street, however, that total doubles — to 25.94 lane miles.

The longest state-owned street in Corry is Route 6, which is called Columbus Avenue within city limits.

Additional state-owned streets are Union, Main, North Center, South Center, West Main, West Washington and White streets; Route 426; and Turnpike and Sciota roads.

City Councilman Dave Maryott said the city has a good relationship with PennDOT.

“We do work for the state and they pay us for the upkeep,” Maryott said. “That seems to work out pretty well.”

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