COLUMBUS - During a public comment portion of a Columbus Township meeting on Tuesday, Julie Driscoll relayed concerns from school district employees and bus drivers regarding plowing near Corry Area Intermediate School.

"I'm here because I've been approached today by several school district employees and bus drivers over the concern of our roads on Monday and why it wasn't plowed in front of the school," she said at the meeting.

Some Corry Area School District maintenance workers and bus drivers had difficulty getting to the school, which is located at 100 W. Main St. in Columbus, on Monday morning.  

Driscoll said she explained to them that one of the township's trucks was down.

"We had a truck down, I got it fixed, we went out and plowed, I got almost done and it broke again," Columbus Township Roadmaster Steve Goodwill said during the meeting. "I'm not making excuses. Things happen. We have 52 or 50 miles of road, whatever it is now. You can't be on every road at one time."

Monday's weather conditions also posed a problem for the township's plow drivers.

"There was 3 or 4 inches. It was icy, slushy, but the deal was we had trouble that morning," Goodwill said. "The reason that we didn't plow up there is because we thought it was more important to get the buses over Schramling Hill and Baker Hill than it was to plow the flat pavement."

Goodwill said CASD Superintendent Sheri Yetzer was the only one who contacted him concerning the issue and he apologized to her and explained trucks were down.

"The good news is all the trucks are fixed," he said. "Everything is back so we're back at 100%.

The township's one-ton truck was out of commission Monday morning, too, but it has since been fixed.

"If we would have had that, we'd had a lot more done in town here," Goodwill said.

Under new business, the supervisors unanimously approved advertising for gravel hauling and gravel crushing bids as well as an excess weight permit that was submitted to the township.


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