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At a recent Corry-Lawrence Airport Authority meeting, Chairman Dick Hornick announced that he will stay on as chairman of the airport authority but can no longer continue as the manager of the airport.

"I cannot do it anymore, physically," Hornick said.

Hornick has held the manager position for five years and has been chairman of the authority for about 20 years.

In the letter submitted to authority members at Wednesday's meeting, Hornick stated that he wishes to devote more time to family and pursue personal endeavors.

City Manager Jason Biondi was in attendance and said he regretfully accepted his resignation, which was echoed by every authority member.

The same letter was submitted to Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell and is scheduled to be received by Corry City Council at an Oct. 21 Council meeting, at which time it will most likely be accepted, according to Biondi.

Hornick said he plans to stay on the authority because he would still like to help the airport with the years of knowledge he has to contribute.

"I intend on staying as involved as I can, but we need to find someone who is willing to run a business," Hornick said.

His last day will be Oct. 31. Corry City Manager Jason Biondi requested that Hornick help find his replacement.

"It's not just being the manager, coming up here and unlocking the door," Hornick said. "It's 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You've got to find someone who is really interested in aviation and running the airport."

Tasks of an airport manager include running the fuel farm, which involves getting certified on fuel and performing daily testing and procedures. Certification tests are only once a year, in the summer, Hornick said. 

Other manager responsibilities include unlocking and locking the airport building daily, cleaning the airport building, ordering and stocking supplies, property and building maintenance. 

Until a replacement can be found, manager tasks are being temporarily shared by members of the airport authority.

Anyone interested in more information on the airport manager position can call 814-663-7041.

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