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The Department of Labor and Statistics contacted Councilman Bill Roche with a survey, and Roche brought this to the attention of Corry City Council at a planning session on Sept. 9.

“They emailed me asking the city to provide them with a significant amount of information, and the DLS needs an answer,” Roche said.

“I think this activity is of no value to Corry’s taxpayers, and if we participate, it will cost the taxpayers time and money that would be better used on our current improvement projects,” Roche continued. “So, I’m not going to ask that this be put on the agenda for a vote. If anyone on Council thinks we should vote on it, they should put it on the agenda, but I’m not going to.

“If it comes up for a vote, I’ll oppose it.”

City Manager Jason Biondi explained that the survey was unnecessary and not mandatory.

 “It’s not a mandatory process,” Biondi said. “It is time consuming. They’re not the only ones who send us surveys. We have a lot of information requests coming in by mail, email and phone calls. The cold calls alone and emails is staggering. What we do as the office staff is filter through them and if it’s not a priority and it’s not going to get results for the community, then it falls low on the priority list.”

Biondi then explained that the information request was redundant to many required surveys filled out and submitted through the city’s auditor, payroll, taxation and other forms the city is mandated to fill out annually.

“The information is out there,” Biondi said. “A lot of it is government entities asking for it and we already provided it to them. It’s just one department in the federal or state government or another and they don’t communicate amongst themselves. With Labor and Statistics, the majority of what they’re asking for they already have. The state has it, the federal government has it on multiple different formats in multiple different mandatory reports that we’ve filled out.”



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