Maintaining its location at 21 Maple Ave., a local industry, Corry Contract Inc., has recently been sold and now bears the name Corry Fabrication.

It has been sold to new owner Joe Futcher, formerly of Bruin, who has been consulting for Corry Contract since February. 

"We are very proud of our 41 years of service to the Corry community," longtime president of Corry Contract Doug Kafferlin said in a press release. "And, we will continue to support the Corry area in the future. I'm sure my dad would be pleased with our current and future role in the community."

William Kafferlin was the founder of Corry Contract, which was founded in 1979.

Futcher has worked in the Corry area during the early 2000s, serving as vice president and general manager of Associated Spring-Barnes Group from 2003 to 2007. He then moved on to leadership positions at other industries such as GKN Sinter Metals, Dana Corp., Wastequip, JJ Ryan and EDRO corps.

Prior to Associated Spring, Futcher held leadership positions at Lear Corp. and Textron.

"After spending my life working for companies across America, it's good to be back home and running my own company," Futcher said. "Corry is a great town to live in and do business in. I hope I can contribute to the community as much as the Kafferlin family."

Futcher said after running larger companies and turning large businesses around, he thought it was time for him to do something on his own that was direct and involved helping people. 

He continued on to say he recognized the potential the business has for growth.

"After meeting with some of the people and spending some time, I thought it had great opportunity to grow and thrive," Futcher said. 

He explained he intends to do some capital investment to try to bring in some newer equipment to enable the company to be more competitive in the marketplace.

The sale is part of an ongoing restructuring process that aims to make the company more competitive while preserving essential jobs, a press release said.

The name change stems from Futcher recognizing a marketing opportunity.

"Corry Fabrication is more what we do than a contract house so I thought Corry Fabrication was more of a marketing opportunity for us," Futcher said. 

The company specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication.

Futcher graduated from Clarion University in 1987. His major was in industrial relations. 

"Joe's vast experience in an array of metal manufacturing companies provides a solid base to take Corry Contract to the next level," said Rick Novotny, executive director of the Corry Economic Development entities.

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