Competition has paid off for Corry City Council.

Council accepted a $105,753.75 bid from Vincent Cross Paving to resurface deteriorating portions of East South and Summer streets near Corry Area Middle-High School.

The bid was lowest of four received by council and opened Tuesday during a special session of the board.

“That’s a good bid,” said Councilman David Maryott, the city’s streets director.

Council had budgeted $126,000 for this year’s summer paving project and had estimated the South and Summer streets resurfacing project to cost $115,070.

The second-lowest bid, by Russell Standard Corp., was $109,481.96.

Council also rejected bids by Joseph McCormick Co. ($135,235.58) and IA Construction Corp. ($142.821.75).

These streets are scheduled to be resurfaced with 3 inches of asphalt and leveled:

• Summer Street, from East Main Street to East Pleasant Street, for a total of 600 feet.

• East South Street, from Summer Street to Avenue A, 900 feet.

• East South Street, from Avenue A to Shady Avenue, 1,950 feet.

Earlier this summer, Council debated whether to pave the streets near the middle-high school or the deteriorating Sciota Street, from Route 6 to the industrial park.

After hearing from residents who live on East South Street, council decided to put off paving Sciota Street and go with the South-Summer streets project.

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