Error on mail in ballots

Circled in red are the areas that were incorrect on a mail-in ballot received by a Corry resident. Voters are encouraged to check their ballots and make sure it accurately lists their school district and municipality, along with all other information. 

Corry resident Joe Frisina Sr. recently received his mail-in ballot to vote in the upcoming primary election, but something was amiss. 

Frisina noticed that his ballot had him slated to vote in the Northwestern School District instead of the Corry Area School District. 

Frisina and his wife each had the error on their ballots and on Monday he notified Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith. 

After looking into the matter, Smith said about 10 ballots have been traced to the Corry area with the incorrect district. By the end of business on Monday, replacement ballots were sent out with the correct district. 

“A batch of Republican ballots that went out last Wednesday had the error,” Smith said. “Elk Creek and Corry are one digit off from each other in the district codes and that’s how the error was made. It was a human error.”

Smith said that, as a human process, errors will sometimes occur.

“But we’re confident that it was a limited number of ballots,” he said. “We were able to isolate and catch the error, and believe that that’s it.”

Smith added that everyone should right away check his or her ballot when it arrives in the mail and make sure all the information is correct.

“We encourage people to look at their ballot and check everything,” Smith said. “I’m really glad Joe called and notified us.

“If there’s a problem, we can give voters options so they can be certain their vote is counted.”

To notify the Erie County Voter Registration Office if there is any error, call 814-451-6017. 

Once a corrected ballot has been received, voters can either drop their ballot in the secure drop box outside the Erie County Courthouse, or mail it in. Ballots may also be hand delivered to the Voter Registration Office. 

As of today, there is one week left to apply for a mail in ballot. Voters can also vote early in person by applying for a mail in ballot at their county election office, filling it out and submitting at that same time until 5 p.m. May 11, according to Acting Secretary of State Veronica W. Degraffenreid.

Mail ballots must be returned to the county by 8 p.m. on Election Day — May 18.

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