DiAnn Bova of Corry and her husband went for a walk at Presque Isle State Park a while back, and while finishing their walk, Bova saw a snapshot of an award-winning scene.

“My husband, Dick, and I were walking on one of the walking trails at the peninsula and when we were walking back to the car, I just happened to turn around because the light was so neat,” Bova said.

The scene of the trees, the light filtering through the leaves and dotting the path with light spots, and other signs of nature were too much for the artist to pass up.

“I said, ‘I wish I had a camera,’” Bova said. “And Dick said, “I think there’s one in the car.’”

Bova took the photo, which got tucked away. Later, it came in handy for Bova, a longtime artist.

“When I was looking for something to paint, I remembered that one,” Bova said.

The 16-by 20-inch acrylic painting of the Presque Isle walking trail, which Bova titled “Walk on the Wild Side,” won her Best of Show Sunday in the art show sponsored by the Corry Artists Guild.

Bova’s red ribbon hangs proudly on the matted, framed print.

“I was thrilled to win,” said Bova, whose painting also captured the light-dotted path at the base of green trees. “There were so many pieces that were deserving.”

Michael Kashey of Edinboro served as judge of the art show, which included adult, youth, and children’s entries in drawings, painting, photography and other (such as computer-generated images).

Kashey, who taught art in grades seven to 12 for the Union City Area School District, liked what he saw on display, especially the younger artists’ work.

“I think this show has nice work,” Kashey said. “I’m impressed with the children’s art.”

Kashey was also impressed with the fact that young artists took the time to participate in the show.

“It means the parents are encouraging them,” Kashey said. “A lot of times, they like doing art, and don’t even think about a contest.”

Kashey was the judge at the art show that is part of CorryFest’s Sunday in the Park for about 15 years. After a couple of years of not judging it, he was back in city park on Sunday, with clipboard in hand.

Looking over the work in the children’s age 6 to 10 category, Kashey saw watercolor paintings, pencil tempera art, crayons and watercolors art, and pencil and watercolors art.

Kashey said the youth should be pro-active in getting their work out for the public to view.

“I wish they would exhibit their work more,” Kashey said.

Wendy Neckers, president of the Artists’ Guild that sponsored the art show, also likes to see the youth get their artwork out. Neckers said she was pleased with the many entries, which included categories for adults, as well as teen, youth, and children’s age groups.

“I really appreciate all the artists who participated in the art shows this weekend,” said Neckers about the shows that were held Saturday and Sunday. “Their participation in the Artists' Guild show and the ‘Sunday in the Park’ art show, at CorryFest, made both great shows.”

Neckers said now might be a good time for the artists to think about their choice for next year, when CorryFest will be held in June in conjunction with Corry’s 150th anniversary.

“Hopefully, those artists that saw the shows were inspired and may find themselves entering next summer,” Neckers said. “And for all of those who worked so hard to make the Artists’ Guild's Saturday and Sunday shows a success, their efforts are much appreciated.”

Bova may be one of those artists who enters next year’s show. And she might have a different form of art than acrylic.

“I have done oil paintings, but mostly use acrylic,” Bova said. “I would love to do watercolors, but haven’t mastered that yet.”

Following are the winners of the art show that was judged Sunday in Corry City Park. The art show was part of Sunday in the Park and was sponsored by the Artists’ Guild.

Best of Show - DiAnn Bova - "Walk on the Wild Side"

Adult Categories

Painting: 1st - Judith Snider - “Untitled”; 2nd - Dolly Hooven - "Serious Diagnosis”; 3rd - Wendy Neckers - "Tree Peony"

Drawing: 1st - R.J. Bova - "Figure Drawing"; 2nd - Dolly Hooven - "Wanna 'old 'em"; 3rd - Joanne Johnson - "Kate"

Photography: 1st - Michelle Peters - "Sweet Dreams"; 2nd - David Braswell - "Farm From the Past"; 3rd - Erin L. Welden - "Breaking Through"

Sculpture: 1st -Joanne Johnson - "Micheal Angelo"; 2nd - David Edge - "Fred"; 3rd - Phil Griffis -"Pinto Chair"

Other/Experimental: 1st - Joanne Johnson - "Wylnd”

Children’s Drawing Ages 5 and Under

1st - Erica Fisher - "Winter Day"

Children’s Other Ages 5 and Under

1st - Janaya Trisket - "Clematis"

Children’s Drawing Ages 6 - 10

1st - Rachael Schena - "Giraffe"; 2nd - Samantha MacNabb - "Spikey Flower in Smokey Mountains"; 3rd - Taylor Blakeslee - "Untitled"

Children’s Painting Ages 6 - 10

1st - Joshua Frodelius - "The Sunset"; 2nd - Angelina Guyman - "The Parrot"; 3rd - Dominick Parker - "Bunny, Acorns, Squirrel"

Children’s Other Ages 6 –10

1st - Paul Webber - "It's a Mystery"; 2nd - Donald Lander - "Summer at Aunt DiAnn's"

Youth’s Drawing Ages 11 –14

1st - Samie Weber - "The City"; 2nd - Rumer Habib - "The Knight"; 3rd - Mason Brown - "Shark Fest"

Youth’s Painting Ages 11 – 14

1st - Ivy Lander - "Girl"; 2nd - Caitlin Fielding - "Sunset Silhouette"; 3rd - Collin Frontera - "Volcom"

Youth’s Photography Ages 11 – 14

1st - Sarah Hoffman - "Fall Trees"; 2nd - Savanna Trisket - "Natural Beauty"

Youth’s Other Ages 11 – 14

1st - Samie Weber - "Black and White"; 2nd - Katie Hoffman - "Cauldron"

Teen’s Drawing Ages 15 – 18

1st place - Kelsey Hall - "The Nephew"; 2nd - Katie Hoffman - "Starstruck”; 3rd - Katie Adams - "Venom and Kit"

Teen’s Painting Ages 15 – 18

1st - Ashlei Walker - “Violin”; 2nd - Andrew Carpenter - “Color Scheme Lighthouse”; 3rd - Katie Hoffman - “Color Scheme Eye”

Teen’s Photography Ages 15 – 18

1st - Jessica Fahey - "Contrast"; 2nd - Lorrie Kostreba - "Eagle"; 3rd - Stephanie Caputo - "The Dancer"

Teen’s Other Ages 15 – 18

1st - Jonny Hammond - "Welcome to Hell"

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