Getting healthy is one of the most popular New Year resolutions, and with the New Year a new fitness center in Union City could become one of the most popular places in town. 

Brown’s Fitness Center, owned by Seth Brown, is looking to become a major part of the Union City community.  Brown purchased the center at 18 Sixth Ave. on Nov. 1. Before that, the fitness center was under different ownership.

 Since Brown has taken over, the fitness center has steadily gained members. 

“People feed off of excitement,” Brown said. “The feedback has been amazing.” 

Brown, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, decided to start his own business out of a passion for assisting others with their personal fitness. 

“I just really enjoyed helping people,” said Brown. “ I wanted to bring the community a fitness center they could be proud of.” 

Brown hopes to take the gym from being “just another small fitness center” to something big that can benefit the community. 

He is also hoping to draw clientele from other areas. 

“There is no better investment then investing in self-health,” Brown said. 

Brown’s Fitness Center is fully equipped with an assortment of machinery. There is a large free weight area with a full dumbbell rack and 15 different pieces of cardio equipment.  

Brown has big plans for growing his business in the coming months. After the winter, he hopes to start outdoor boot camps for multiple age groups. 

In addition to running the fitness center, Brown also has 15 clients that he personally trains at the gym. The fitness center also offers instructed cardio classes with certified instructor Tricia McChesney.  

His passion for fitness and getting healthy continues to get his gym new members. In the case of Brown’s Fitness Center, the success is in the details. The personalized touches such as complimentary towels and personal changing areas add to its popularity.  

Any questions regarding Brown’s Fitness Center or membership should be directed to Brown at 814-795-7743. 

The gym is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


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