There is no denying it — Naomi Clark knew more about the history of Mead Park than anyone.

She worked to have the state and the city of Corry designate the park as exempt from sales tax, and she spent countless hours maintaining the park grounds and planting flowers there.

She even decorated the grave site of Glenn Mead, the man who donated the land to the city of Corry.

And just as Glenn Mead left his mark on the city, Clark left her mark on the Mead Park Association, a nonprofit agency which oversees the park.

Clark, who was a member of the Mead Park Association for 25 to 30 years, passed away on Jan. 14 of this year. She had served as secretary of the association for more than 20 years.

Clark’s husband, Tom, said Mead Park was uppermost in his wife’s mind.

“After she retired, it became her No. 1 priority,” Tom Clark said. “She was very concerned about its well-being.”

The Mead Park Association honored Clark’s memory — and all she did for the park — during a memorial service Tuesday night in the park.

The association had a plaque engraved in her honor, and it was permanently placed on a large planter near Stennett pavilion The plaque reads “In memory of Naomi Clark for years of service to Mead Park and the city of Corry.”

Clark’s name will also be engraved on a bronze plaque that is placed on a stone near Alice Lake. The plaque is engraved with names of people who made sure the park benefited when they passed away. Clark had maintained the area around the stone, and planted flowers there.

Tom Clark said his wife had wanted her name to be included on the plaque.

“Naomi always said that if something happened to her, she would like her name on that plaque,” Tom Clark said.

The memorial service began with Randy Kondrlik, president of Mead Park Association, speaking to those gathered near the planter.

“We really miss her,” Kondrlik said. “She’s irreplaceable.”

Kondrlik said Naomi Clark was the person everyone went to when they needed information about the park.

“She was an encyclopedia of vast knowledge about the park,” Kondrlik said.

He added that Naomi Clark cared about the community and the city of Corry as much as she cared about Mead Park, and she won’t soon be forgotten.

“She’ll always be in our hearts and in our board’s mind,” Kondrlik said.

He also asked those present to observe a moment of silence in Naomi Clark’s honor.

Bill Sibble, manager of Mead Park, said Corry jeweler Ted Amoroso is responsible for the plaque that was secured to the planter.

“We wanted to do something in memory of Naomi,” Sibble said.

Sibble said no one thought more of Mead Park than Naomi Clark.

“Whatever she did, she did with her heart,” Sibble said. “She was a terrific lady, and I do feel honored I knew her.”

Dave Roth, caretaker at Mead Park, said he was Tom and Naomi Clark’s neighbors for many years, even before he worked at the park.

Roth gave Naomi Clark credit for helping get his position as caretaker.

“We worked well together,” he said.

Barb Grape, a member of Mead Park Association Board of Directors, and organizer of Glenn Mead Day festival, also said Naomi Clark will be missed by everyone who knew her.

“I want to say what a true friend she was to everyone,” Grape said.

Linda Peiffer read a poem titled “In Honor of Naomi Clark.” Pfeiffer then presented the framed poem to Tom Clark.

Tom Clark was touched that the Mead Park Association members paid tribute to his wife.

“I think it was wonderful they recognized her for her dedication to the park,” Tom Clark said. “The park was the first thing on her mind.”

Mead Park Association members

Members of Mead Park Association honored longtime member and secretary Naomi Clark during a ceremony Tuesday night.

Members of the Mead Park Association Board of Directors, including officers, are:

• Randy Kondrlik - president

• Billy Martin - vice president

• Linda Peiffer - secretary

• Regis Dombrowski - treasurer

• Frank Melnichak, Barb Grape, Andrew Sproveri, Dave Foster, John Kozik, Bill Barney, Tom Morton, Hy Daley, Bill Sibble, Chuck Hull.

Mead Park Association includes a representative from Corry City Council who serves on Parks and Public Property.

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