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Five public works department trucks were put up for sealed bid in February and Corry City Council opened and awarded the highest bidders at its recent meeting

A 1991 Chevy 1500 two-wheel drive regular cab with an 8-foot bed was awarded to Larry Kafferlin, the highest bidder at $737.50. There were four other bids on it for $202, $525, $575 and $651.33.

A 1994 Chevy 2500 four-wheel drive regular cab with an 8-foot bed and a western plow was awarded to highest bidder Jason Martin, who bid $800. There were three other bids on the truck for $220, $651.33 and $325.

Terry Huffman was the highest bidder for a 2004 Chevy 1500 four-wheel drive regular cab with a 6-foot bed and western plow with a bid of $2,501. There were four other bids on the truck for $750, $733.33, $650 and $220. 

A $345 bid was made by Jeff Thomas for a 1988 Ford F-800 two-wheel drive dump truck with a regular cab and chassis. Thomas was the sole bid.

A final truck took some discussion to award the highest bidder.

Michael Baker Enterprises was the highest bidder at $1,500 for a 1994 Ford F-700 two-wheel drive dump truck with a regular cab and a 10-foot bed. There were three other bids for $405, $655.55 and $1,000.

City Manager Jason Biondi and Corry Public Works Department Lead Operator Mark Leofsky gave their opinion that the 1994 Ford F-700 could be taken apart and the engine and parts could be sold for more than the $1,500 bid.

"Yes, we believe that the engine potentially could bring more than the high bid," Leofsky said.

Councilman Steve Drake, director of streets, said he didn't see the value of trying to sell individual parts.

"At the current labor rate, you're looking at a few hours input for that," Drake said.

Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell said selling the engine and parts would create another project for a small public works staff that already has many projects to work on.

"Entrepreneurs would say that your time is more valuable," said Councilman Bill Roche, director of finance.

With Councilman Drew Sproveri, director of public safety, saying he was in favor of letting the truck be sold at that price, Council agreed to let the truck be awarded.

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