The Corry Area School Board on Monday continued with plans for construction of a four-room addition to Columbus Elementary School.

The board approved the PlanCons required by the state Department of Education for the accounting process involved with the construction and also for the design of the addition.

The district plans to build an addition in a current courtyard in the back of the building that would serve lifeskills students and students with multidisabilities.

The board, in March, approved the first step in connection to the four-classroom addition to the school, where renovations two years ago included an addition that doubled the size of the building.

The project qualifies for funding to be reimbursed by the state, but the district first will pay for it with funds from a $2.9 million Qualified School Construction Bond, which is an interest free state loan.

The board on Monday unanimously agreed to award the following contracts from bids submitted for construction:

• General construction - Considine Biebel & Co. of Erie, $699,000.

Considine’s bid was the lowest of six bids submitted.

• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning - Rabe Environmental Systems Inc., $121,250.

Rabe’s bid was the lowest of seven bids submitted.

• Plumbing - Scobell Company Inc. of Erie, $48,760.

A total of seven bids were submitted for plumbing; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Scobell Co. and Rabe Environmental bids were the apparent low bids for both phases of the construction, according to the bid sheet.

• Electrical - Lathrop Electric Inc. of Erie, $66,580.

Lathrop’s was the lowest of nine bids submitted.

• Networking - Penn Ohio Contracting of Masury, Ohio, $9,615.

The total amount of the contracts is $954,205. The work had been estimated at $1.1 million, said Mike Andrus, district business manager.

The board voted 8-0 to award the contracts. Board members who voted are Peggy Gates, Roger Stranahan, Chris Johnson, Doris Gernovich, Mike Kondrlik, Delbert Liller, Steve Redrup and John Gray. Debbie Wood was excused from attending the meeting.

The district’s finance committee and property committee meets Monday at 5 p.m. in the administration building’s conference room.

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