Colonial Christmas promises ‘nice’ time


WATERFORD — Linda Hanlin holds up a tablecloth that has detailed designs embroidered in shades of yellow and gold.

“Look at this,” Hanlin said, pointing out the delicate work done probably a half century ago or longer.

The tablecloth is one of several vintage linens that were probably hand-stitched, hand-crocheted or hand-embroidered in the 1950s.

The linens and other collectibles and vintage and antique finds are part of all things that are nice at Hanlin’s store, All Things Nice, 210 High St., Waterford.

“I just love linens,” said Hanlin. “I also love the old 50s tablecloths and kitchenware”

So does Monika Beier of Cambridge Springs, who often stops in with her husband, Walt, to check out Hanlin’s store full of collectibles and other inventory.

“I always look at the linens, the needlework and the quilts,” said Monika Beier, who makes her own quilts.

Beier sorts through several linens with their colorful handiwork, including tablecloths and doilies, that are displayed on a table near the back of the store, near a wall display of vintage hats.

Hanlin, who with her husband, Keith, is retired from the Corry Area School District, spends three days a week — Thursday through Saturday — at her store in Waterford.

In addition to linens, customers will want to look over a wall display of vintage hats, as well as collectible salt and pepper shakers, books, tins, and kitchen items.

Two unique items are playbills from the late 1930s or early 1940s, which are about 4-by-6 inches. The playbills also served as covers on napkin holders that were in a restaurant, Hanlin said.

Hanlin also has a large display of vintage teacups and saucers and Depression glass.

“I try to have a little bit of everything,” Hanlin said. “ I have primitives, glassware, vintage records.

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