Destination Erie

After three years of public input, research and collaboration, Destination Erie: A Regional Vision is ready to announce a community plan that is expected to guide the Erie County region toward a sustainable, resilient and successful future.

Destination Erie is a community-driven planning initiative (not a nonprofit organization) that has involved thousands of Erie County residents and leaders to put together a 25-year strategy for the future of the Erie County region.

The strategy touches on a variety of issues that are critical to creating a more successful Erie County region, including economic development, environmental quality, transportation systems, land use development, housing and neighborhoods and community health.

The mission of Destination Erie is working together with citizens throughout Erie County to build a more sustainable region by creating a plan to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

The success of Destination Erie depends on community engagement.  

The plan, which is the third of the three-phase planning process, and its implementation will be unveiled on Thursday, March 26, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in the Hirt Auditorium of the Raymond M. Blasco, M.D., Memorial Library, 160 E. Front St., Erie.

The event will include remarks by James Denova, vice president of the Clause Worthington Benedum Foundation. Denova will discuss the Power of 32, an initiative that has brought together thousands of citizens from 32 counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia to create and implement a vision for the future.

Attendees will also hear about what comes next — how Erie County will move from plan to implementation.

Those attending will be given summary to take home.

The three-phased planning process has included gaining public input and buy-in through public workshops, small group/focus group meetings, use of the project website and social media, targeted outreach, surveys, media outreach, focus groups, stakeholder interviews and special events.

The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served following the announcement and remarks.

Preregistration is requested but not required. To register, visit

For questions or comments, contact Anna Frantz, project manager, at or Ben Pratt, project coordinator at

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