Electric cars

On the agenda of Monday's Corry City Council meeting is a review of an opportunity to get four electric car charging stations installed for free at two locations in Corry.

Corry City Business Manager Nick Heil went over details at Thursday's Council planning session.

Heil was contacted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection about funding available to cover all costs to install electric car charging stations. 

The funding would cover the cost of the charging stations, which are about $5,000 each, and all costs involving installation.

The city has the option to provide electric for free to electric car owners as a service to draw people into Corry or to charge for the service.

"That is the choice we have," City Manager Jason Biondi said. "You either offer that service to try to draw people in, where they could plug in and then they could be downtown for two hours, or you could put it where they can run their credit card and you bill for it."

Heil said the service bills based off of kilowatt hours and when not in use, the stations do not draw power.

The charging stations have a modern feature of being connected to a phone app. The app puts charging station locations on a map, which includes local amenities people can do while their car is charging. There is also a kiosk at every station that can hold advertisements.

Chargepoint Inc., an electric vehicle charging network company headquartered in Campbell, California, will be sending electrical engineers to look at two possible locations Wednesday. Two charging stations could be put in at railroad property and two at Corry City Park.

"On average, it takes two to four hours to charge a car on it," Heil said. "Also, any electric car can be charged on them."

The railroad property sits along the intersection of Main and Center streets, between Maple and North First avenues, and exact placement is yet to be determined.

The city would have to pay for initial costs, but the DEP provides full reimbursement for all costs.

A decision for installation has not been made and more details will be released as they become available. 

"If we can do it for free, why not," Heil said.

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