Christmas morning will be a little merrier for 150 Corry-area families — a total of 400 children — thanks to the efforts of the Corry Salvation Army and its community donors.

On Tuesday, the church held its annual Treasures for Children distribution, with each child receiving at least three gifts from their Christmas wish list, along with other clothing and miscellaneous toy items that were available for parents to select and take with them.

"Everything turned out marvelous," said Maj. Debbie Weigner of the Corry Salvation Army. "We had so many people who held their own toy drives and those extra toys helped fill all our requests."

In addition, the Corry Salvation Army received a $2,000 grant from the Corry Community Foundation, which was used to purchase toys and clothes for the cause. 

"We want to thank everyone who bought a toy, or took a tag or contributed in some way," Weigner said. "You have made Christmas morning a blessing for so many children."

In November, anyone who needed assistance from the church in providing Christmas presents was invited to register their children and provide a list for the Treasures for Children program. 

Tags were then made for each child and hung on several Christmas trees at the Salvation Army and local businesses. Community members were invited to take tags and fill its wish list. Tags that were not taken were filled by donations and the CCF grant. 

Weigner said although the distribution is over, they are still assisting needy residents. Anyone who needs help is asked to stop by the office, 127 W. Washington St., or call 664-7100.

The 2016 Red Kettle Campaign will continue through Saturday. Weigner noted that they have made up some ground and are now down $2,000 from this time last year, as opposed to the $4,000 they were in the red last week.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to ring the bell may do so by calling the church.


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