Former inn will cater to hunters

Robert Brace and sons recently purchased the former Deer Head Inn on Route 426, Spring Creek, and plan to open a hunting lodge. Journal photo by Maryann Mook

SPRING CREEK — A former fine-dining restaurant is about to become a hunting lodge.

The former Deer Head Inn, 3644 Route 426, is being renovated into a hunting lodge by current owner Robert Brace and his sons, Ron and Randy, of Waterford.

“My plan is for a hunting lodge,” said Robert Brace, who owns Robert Brace and Sons Inc., just west of Waterford on Route 97.

The building, with its familiar stone fireplace, is currently being renovated. Robert Brace said plans include having seven rooms upstairs that would be rented out.

The business will be named Oak Alley Lodge.

“People can stay for a day or longer,” Robert Brace said.

The lodge would also include a kitchen, and casual dining may be available to the public.

Robert Brace in June applied to transfer the liquor license from the former establishment.

“I am transferring license the former owner had,” Robert Brace said.

The Brace family owns a 750-acre farm in Garland, called Oak Alley Farms, which is about 3 1/2 miles east of Spring Creek. Oak Alley Farms boasts one of the finest trout streams in Pennsylvania.

Robert Brace said he would also like to have a catch-and-release program in conjunction with Brokenstraw Creek.

See the Journal's Tuesday, September 22nd edition for full story.

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