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Members of Corry City Council approved a new contract for the city’s Non-Uniform Employees on Tuesday during a special meeting in Council Chambers. 

Non-Uniform Employees consist of the public works department employees, which include workers for the city’s water department, sewer department, city mechanics and the city’s two water/sewer clerks. 

“There are a lot of language changes from before we went into negotiations,” said Corry City Manager Jason Biondi. “As far as major changes, there are changes to the personal, vacation and sick day schedules and there is prorating involved in that.”

With the new contract, employees with more than a full year of service will receive three personal days per contract year. New employees’ personal days will be based on the month of hire. For example, an employee hired in January of 2017 would receive three personal days for 2017 and three in 2018. An employee hired in July of 2017 would receive 1.5 personal days in 2017 and three in 2018. 

The contract also uses a prorated schedule to determine an employee’s vacation eligibility.  

Biondi added that under the new contract, there is more vacation earlier on in an employee’s career, but he said ultimately it will balance out. 

“There’s more vacation earlier on, but it’s been evaluated and it’s been offset by taking some sick time away,” Biondi said. 

Biondi said employees were currently working almost two years before they were eligible for vacation time. 

“In this day and age, for anyone to be hired some place and have to work two whole years before they get a day of vacation is out of line,” said Corry Mayor Charlie Campbell. 

The new, three-year contract also includes a $0.40 per hour raise on an employee’s base rate per year. Over the next three years, it amounts to a 2.25 percent raise. 

Councilman Steve Bresler asked Biondi what his opinion of the new contract was. 

“Overall, I think we are in much better shape than we were before the contract negotiations,” Biondi said. “We’ve come out better in terms of financial aspects as compared to if we were to continue with the same contract. It would’ve been more costly to the city to continue with the same contract. I think it’s a fair contract for both sides given the current financial climate of the city.”

Campbell agreed, saying he also felt it was a fair contract. 

“The city did very well on it,” Campbell said. “From our side, there are things in the language that will help the city save some money. There is some money being saved here.” 

Campbell made a motion to approve the new contract for Non-Uniform Employees subject to final review and it was seconded by Bresler. The contract was approved unanimously, with Councilman Steve Drake, Councilwoman Taree Hamilton and Councilman Alex Gernovich voting in favor of the contract. 

Before the end of the year, Council will meet again with the Non-Uniform Employees union to review the contract for a final time and agree to the language used in the contract. 

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