CLYMER, N.Y. — A building condition survey has uncovered a list of priority improvements Clymer Central School must make to its facilities in the next five years, if not sooner.

During Monday's board meeting, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mark Peters read the findings of the report, which the school was required to submit to the New York State Education Department by Jan. 1

NYSED is using these surveys to review the status of the district buildings across the state, potential district projects and the impact they would have on the state's budget.

Clymer has already submitted its survey, which was conducted by Harrington Sandberg Architecture & Engineering of Buffalo, N.Y., and must do so every five years.

Dozens of highlighted items were read to the five-member board that included high-priority improvements to the main school building and the bus garage.

"I guess I'm not surprised, considering this is a typical school survey," Clymer Superintendent Scott Smith said about the findings. "Just like with any house, you will always have leaky roofs and cracks. Now what we plan to do is evaluate and come up with a cost-effective way to make the improvements. We will also come up with a five-year plan and identify the most severe needs."

Representatives from Harrington Sandberg were at the school in October, November and December working with Peters and Smith to complete the survey.

Some of the problem areas Peters read to the board include:

• Deteriorating sidewalk berms in front of the main building along Route 474. The failing structures are tearing up equipment while crews are plowing and mowing the surrounding areas.

• Inadequate lighting in the small gymnasium.

• The encapsulation of the asbestos tile is deteriorating as existing carpet wears down, threatening to expose the tile in the office area.

• Heavy cracks where the tile base and floor meet in the addition quarter that was added in 2002. Peters noted this could be from the building settling or substandard work in the new corridor.

• A leak in a west wall near the student performance center stage. The source of the leak has not yet been determined.

• Rusting metal-framed windows in the football locker room downstairs. The windows are original to the building.

• Hot water is unavailable to certain areas of the school building. Peters noted he has spent the last three years trying to fix the problem, but has been unable to come up with a solution.

• Failing hot water heater. Peters said the school is already operating on "borrowed time" with the unit and it may not last much longer.

• Insufficient lighting structures in the bus garage bays.

• A leak between the bus garage office and maintenance bay.

• Failing bus garage doors and electrical system.

• Leaking bus garage roof. The materials are starting to tear away and the survey indicates the remaining life of the roof is about one year.

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