Voters hitting the poles in Wayne Township and Elgin Borough on Tuesday to cast their ballots during the municipal election will find some races with no names listed, while other incumbents will keep their seats.

In Concord Township, voters will find names for every open spot.

Garry L. Blakeslee is running on the Democratic side and the Republican side of the ballot as supervisor.

Blakeslee is running unopposed for one open seat for a six-year term.

Also in Concord Township, Democrat Charles L. Palmer is challenging Blakeslee, who is on the Republican side, for a two-year term as supervisor.

For tax collector, incumbent Patricia Blakeslee is seeking re-election as a Republican.

Dorothy Lindstrom is running unopposed for a six-year term as auditor for the township, while Republican Elsie M. Culver is on the ballot for a two-year auditor’s spot.

Also in Concord Township, Joseph E. Blaede, a Democrat, is the lone name on the ballot for constable.

In Wayne Township, one name is on the ballot for a six-year term as supervisor.

Republican John E. Moore, an incumbent, is running unopposed for the spot. Wayne Township also has one open seat for a four-year supervisor’s term.

Kendrick Knight is running for that spot on the Democratic and Republican sides of the ballot.

Also in Wayne Township, incumbent tax collector Susan M. Haenel is the only name on the ballot for one spot. Haenel is a Republican.

No names appear on the Wayne Township ballot for a six-year-term for auditor, and a four-year-term as auditor.

Also there is one open spot for constable in the township without any names on the ballot.

In Elgin Borough, Richard W. Patterson is again running for mayor. Patterson, a Republican, is the only name on the ballot for the spot.

Also in Elgin, there are three open council seats, and three names on the ballot.

Democrats are Beverly A. Clark, Lawrence P. Owens, and Eric M. Mather.

Mary Ann McCray is again running for tax collector. A Republican, McCray is the lone candidate on the ballot.

There are no names on the ballot in Elgin Borough for one open spot for auditor and one open spot for constable.

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