The snow that blanketed Corry in December may have dampened the spirits of many Corryites, but not the staff and volunteers at Corry Public Library.

Not once did the library close in December due to the weather.

“We try to stay open as much as possible,” library Director Amy Kimani said.

And their determination paid off — December was an active month at the library.

The Corry Public Library board of trustees held a meeting Wednesday at noon at the library and reviewed all goings-on at the library during the month of December.

“We’re right on track,” Kimani said, regarding the library’s budget.

The board went over the library’s deposits made, bills paid, and profits and losses for the month.

“There was nothing really out of the ordinary,” Kimani said.

Kimani also gave the librarian’s report, going over monthly circulation and other statistics.

“We have a bunch of new readers,” Kimani said, adding that some of them are new to Corry, having arrived in the area in pursuit of work.

“People are coming into Corry,” she said.

The library saw 24 new adult and 13 new juvenile readers join the library in December.

Although there are new readers, circulation in December was slightly down from what it had been in December 2009.

Usage of the library’s computers lowered to 1,009 from December 2009’s 1,042, and total circulation lowered to 6,189 from 6,403 from last December.

Kimani attributes December’s slightly lower library usage to the fact that the library had seen an unusual jump in usage in 2009.

“I think things are just settling down,” she said.

However, readers new and old have plenty of options, thanks to the library’s additions to the adult and juvenile sections in the month of December.

A total of 120 new juvenile items have been added, while 67 adult items have been added. Easy Reader books made up the majority of juvenile additions, and large-print books made up the majority of adult additions.

The library also saw use as a meeting place for local clubs and events. On Dec. 16, the Corry Book Club met, and on Dec. 20, the Corry Genealogy Club met. Also, on Dec. 9, local author Tina Curtis held a book signing at the library for her book, “A Fair Recollection,” and on Dec. 18, the children’s department held a therapy dog program, when therapy dogs and their trainers came to give a presentation for children.

Everything may be on track for the library, but Kimani would like to have some programs for adults. However, she also said that when the library offered programs for adults in the past, no one showed up.

“I would like to have more options,” Kimani said.

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