Sun shines on artificial turf installation

Crews lay the artificial turf at Howard J. Sheen Field in Corry Wednesday afternoon. The $1.5 million project includes installing artificial turf on the football field and softball field, storm-water management work, and installing a new track around the football field.

Len Clark is not doing a rain dance.

Clark, director of maintenance for the Corry Area School District, is hoping the rain holds off as crews work to install the artificial turf on the football field at Howard J. Sheen Field.

The Corry Area School Board in May approved a $1.5 million improvement project for the athletic complex. The project includes installing artificial turf on the football field and softball field, installing a new track around the football field, storm-water management work for better drainage, and adding two sections of bleachers on the visitors’ side for a total of 460 more seats.

“They’re laying the carpet on the west end of the football field and will continue to lay padding on the east side, if the weather holds,” Clark said.

Workers were expected to roll and pack the field today.

Each section of turf being rolled out is a 10-foot section with a yardage line in the middle. The turf is sewn together on the non-line ends with a mobile sewing machine.

The yardage numbers then will have to be cut and sewn in.

Mike Andrus, business manager for the district, said the word “Corry” will be sewn at each end zone, and there will be a “C” at the 50-yard line.

Work on the softball field includes final grading and rolling, and then the curbing and drainage work will start, Clark said.

The project now also includes constructing new dugouts for the softball field.

“We’re getting two new dugouts,” Clark said.

The shingles were damaged, the roofs on the dugouts were leaking and the windows were broken, Clark said. He added that the blocks are cracking, and inside of the dugout, where the players sit, is not safe.

And, with the new base and artificial turf, the dugouts were not level with the field.

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