Spartansburg Borough Council met Tuesday, Sept. 10. Borough meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of the month, but September's meeting was put off one week due to the Spartansburg Community Fair being held during the first week.

Mark and Abbe Biebel visited the meeting to request the borough reduce the amount of Equivalent Dwelling Units billed for the former Spartansburg Elementary School, which they purchased in the spring from the Corry Area School District for $90,100. 

"Currently we are only mowing and aren't really using the restrooms in the old school," Mark Biebel stated. "We use them now and also when doing work, but not eight EDUs-worth. We request that Council change it to one EDU for now."

Office Manager Jamie Ditzler noted that over a five-year period, the loss of EDU revenue to the borough would be significant.

"Over a five-year period the borough will lose over $23,000 in wastewater treatment revenue from the school," Ditzler said. "But as it is now under private ownership, we are at liberty to reduce the amount from eight EDUs to one."

Councilman J. Duane Scouten expressed concern about future plans for the property.

"What are the plans and will the number of EDUs come back up again?" Scouten asked.

"Ultimate plans, if reassessed properly, will end up being more than the original eight EDUs," Biebel said. "During the remodeling process as dwelling units are completed, we will add those EDUs back into the billing."

When asked how long it would take to add those EDUs, Biebel stated that "it could be a few years."

Scouten then moved to reduce the EDUs from eight to one, and Council unanimously agreed.

Mark Grill from Construction Code Inspectors (CCI) was also present to discuss the safety inspection of the former school property as it will be converted into dwelling units by the new owners. 

"We are able to use existing safety features, and it has some really good ones," Grill said. "We'll be out to look at it more."

Line painting will begin soon as Council voted to hire an employee of Union City Borough to complete the project along Main Street business district, three cross walks, and the parking lot at Clear Lake. The borough will paint one line in the business district for angle reference. The project is expected to cost about $300.

Borough Councilmen expect to put a new roof on the borough building within the month. Materials to replace the current leaking roof are estimated to cost $1,345.31. Councilman Steve Anthony stated that a man door will be installed at the borough building during the roof work.

Recent repairs were made to the wastewater treatment plant in order to keep the plant in compliance. Councilman John Bova reported that a new block heater and new chemicals were delivered to the plant last week. 

Sewer plant operator Matt Handley reported that the plant ran very well, even during fair week when extra pressure is put on the sewer system.

Mayor Ann Louise Wagner reported that Clear Lake Authority is looking for new council members as the current president and secretary are resigning their positions. 

Jefferson Street and a small portion of Davenport Street were paved by IA Construction Corp. for a total bill of $28,038.75. Ditzler noted that this is under the original bid of $31,476.50.

The bill will be paid by the borough as soon as Troy Cyphert, PennDOT Municipal Services Specialist, inspects the job and signs off on the road construction.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the next Borough Council meeting will be held Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. in the borough building.


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