Eighteen residents and nine employees have been reported to the state as having been tested positive for COVID-19, which prompted Corry Manor to bring in additional help.

A press release from the Corry Manor states Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) was at the manor, 640 Worth St., on Aug. 3, 4 and 5.

PEMA was able to assist with additional training for the staff, such as hand washing and donning and doffing personal protective equipment, as well as an assessment over the physical environment and infection control protocols.

"This is one of the best facilities we have been to, as far as cleanliness, and every staff member wearing their PPE correctly, everyone is doing just what they are supposed to be doing," PEMA Lead Registered Nurse Denise Childs said in the release. "This is one of the top-of-line facilities, for sure."

In reaction to the two symptomatic employees that resulted in positive cases, the manor followed all guidelines set forth for nursing homes by the CDC, state and Department of Health, the release said. 

Employees who tested positive are off work and all continue to be off work until they are cleared by the manor and their treating medical professionals. 

Further precautionary measures were taken by the manor, including additional testing.

Corry Manor set up an isolated COVID-19 unit with strict PPE guidelines and protocols to prevent any further spread and uphold all additional precautionary measures.

"We are happy to report we have retested all of the residents in the facility again and we have no positive COVID-19 cases on any other wing in our facility," Corry Manor Administrator Wendy Stockhausen said in the release. "We are making progress and want to sincerely thank PEMA for their support and reassurance that we are doing all that we can to protect the residents and staff. Unfortunately, this is a virus that we all knew would affect the elderly population as evidenced by the numerous facilities in Erie County that have had outbreaks."

The manor has well-established infection protocols, proper personal protective equipment on hand, and is experienced in dealing with communicable diseases, like the flu and pneumonia virus, that cause respiratory symptoms like COVID-19, the release said.

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