A Fire Department Emergency Recovery Ordinance was recently approved by Sparta Borough Council. 

The proposal was brought to Council 11 months ago by Lynn Kolaja of the Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department and relates to recovery costs associated with the provision of emergency service providers. The ordinance establishes fees for fire suppression, automobile accidents, abatement, training, inspection services and fire drills, and provides for the payment of fees associated with unlocking or attempting to unlock doors for private property owners or tenants. 

The ordinance went through various reviews by Council and revisions by Borough Solicitor Attorney Alan Shattinger before being approved by SVFD in February and unanimously approved by Borough Council.

In other business, Council will be looking into the possibility of repaving Jefferson Street this summer. 

Troy Cyphert, PennDOT municipal services specialist, evaluated Jefferson Street and recommended blacktop. 

“Troy told me we’d be wasting money if we tried a temporary fix of a topcoat,” Borough President Ben Byler said. “If we’re going to fix it, it needs to be blacktop. The rough estimate he gave me was around  $21,455 with topcoat a year later for $4,704.”

Councilman Steve Anthony agreed. 

“If we have no other large expenses expected, then we should do it,” Anthony said.

Councilman J. Duane Scouten urged Council to consider other expenses first.

“First we should figure out how much the roof repairs to the borough building will cost before committing to repaving of Jefferson Street,” Scouten said.

Borough Council is also facing minor repairs to a bridge on Winans Street.

Council decided to table the decision about Jefferson Street until a May meeting.

Advanced Disposal Recycling Day is tentatively scheduled for May 18. A dumpster will be available at a location to be determined for a maximum of two electronic items and four tires per resident. Borough residents may bring items beginning at 10 a.m.; township residents may bring items beginning at noon. Proof of residence is required. The dumpster will be picked up by Advanced Disposal at 2 p.m.

The borough has begun cracking down on residents who have overdue sewer bills. Five residences have received certified letters apprising them of the overdue bills as well as the legal steps Council will be forced to take, including liens on property, required court appearances and fines covering court costs incurred.

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