Parks, sports fields reopen
City-owned sports fields and parks are open to the public. Corry City Council unanimously voted at its recent meeting to open the fields, park structures, basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer field that have remained closed since March due to public health concerns.

Corry's Mead Park Association reached out to Corry City Council at Monday's work session to request a written agreement between Council and the association.

Maddy Johnson, treasurer of the Mead Park Association, said the group has run into a snag in applying for various grants.

"We ran into a stumbling block with state and federal grants because we need a clearly defined agreement with the city," Johnson said. "When we go to fill out applications, we have to own the park and we don't."

Johnson said the association is not attached to the city, and the purpose of the association was to assist the city with maintaining the park.

She said because the city of Corry owns the park, the association's role in regards to Mead Park needs to be put in writing.

Many state and county requirements have changed since 1944, which was the original date the Mead Park Association gained status as a nonprofit, Johnson said.

"We need something more current that falls in line with state and county requirements," she said. Johnson added that she'd like to see the park become more relevant to 21st-century families.

"The main thing we'd like to see done is infrastructure," she said.

Johnson said the association would love to develop the current amphitheater and upgrade buildings at the park, but it all costs money.

"We need more money than local organizations can give us," Johnson said. "We need someone from Council to work through these agreements."

Councilman Steve Bresler suggested a memorandum of understanding between the city of Corry and the Mead Park Association.

A preliminary agreement was given to Council to review.

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