If a secession idea currently being discussed by the 4 Schools 4 Warren County is implemented, the Corry Area School District could increase by three schools.

A plan to possibly link three Warren County schools — Eisenhower High School, Russell Elementary School, and Sugar Grove Elementary School was discussed by 4 Schools 4 for Warren County during a meeting Tuesday at the Lander United Methodist Church.

4 Schools 4 Warren County is a coalition to preserve the four existing high schools in Warren County — Warren High School, Eisenhower High School, Sheffield High School and Youngsville High School.

The three schools that would be linked to the Corry school district are in the Eisenhower attendance area. A fourth school in the plan — Sheffield High School would have the option of joining Kane Area School District or Forest Area School District because the state requires schools to hook up with adjoining districts, according to the Warren Times Observer.

David Bauer, a representative of 4 Schools 4 Warren County, said he made the Corry Area School District aware of the idea last summer.

“I had an informal conversation with the superintendent in July, telling him the group was considering this, so he wouldn’t read about it first in the newspaper,” Bauer said. “I wanted to let the (Corry Area School District) administration know this could happen.”

Bauer also contacted Corry Area School District Business Manager Mike Andrus the afternoon of Oct. 9.

Andrus said the Corry Area School District would have to agree to the plan, and that could be a stumbling block.

Assistant Superintendent of Corry schools Rick Emerick said the school board first heard of the idea Monday evening.

“In an effort to obtain more specific information, the board has agreed to participate in an informational meeting with representatives associated with this proposal,” Emerick said.

Emerick added that the details related to the proposal “are limited at best.”

Warren County School District board of directors are looking at scenarios with two high schools in the county. But 4 Schools 4 Warren County wants to keep the high schools alive.

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