The Corry Industrial Benefit Association recently voted to award a contract for demolition of units purchased by CIBA in Snyder Circle, in Corry.

The contract was awarded to Empire Construction of Waterford, Pa., for about 100,000.

In 2018, CIBA, which oversees the Corry Neighborhood Initiative, spent $330,000 on a realty transaction to purchase 18 Snyder Circle parcels, a duplex at 517 South Center St. and a condemned home located at 705 W. Pleasant St. 

The plan is to demolish most of the 18 Snyder Circle units. Two will not be demolished because they are attached to units not owned by CIBA, Rick Novotny said, executive director of the Corry Redevelopment Authority and director of CIBA.

"They can pretty much proceed at any time," Corry Redevelopment Authority Project Manager Ed DiMattio said at Wednesday's Redevelopment Authority meeting.

The authority has been in contact with National Fuel, Penelec and the city regarding utilities, DiMattio said. Most have been disconnected. 

While a definitive timeline cannot be established yet, Novotny said that he hopes demolition will be completed by the end of May, but it could take longer.

Right now, there is no plan for what will be built after demolition, Novotny said.

"We're kind of keeping it an open slate right now. I would guess generally it'll be a mix of housing and commercial," he said. 

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