Once a week does it.

And that’s good news for fresh produce lovers in Corry.

Corry’s farmers market debuts Friday at noon on the south side of city park along East Park Place.

Rather than hold the market once a month, as originally planned, organizers have decided to have vendors sell fruits and vegetables in city park every Friday afternoon.

The farmers market is sponsored by the Improving Downtown and Neighborhoods Committee of Corry’s volunteer-based visioning process that aims to create a more vibrant community.

Corry City Council already has given its blessing for the initial farmers market to be held Friday and, at Monday’s council meeting, is expected to approve the committee’s request to hold markets weekly.

“We think once a week is the wisest thing to do,” said committee member Mark Hulings. “Fresh produce does not last. We don’t believe the market would work on a month-to-month basis.”

The farmers market opens at noon Friday and will last until the vendors decide to close up shop, Hulings said.

At least six vendors have said they would be selling their produce on Friday. Additional sellers have been contacted and Hulings believes more could show up because gardens are beginning to blossom with corn, cucumbers, lettuce, peas and string beans.

“The gardens are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule,” Hulings said.

The committee plans to learn as much as it can from vendors in order to make the Corry farmers market as good as it can be.

“We’re still unsure how this is going to go, but things seem pretty positive,” Hulings said. “We’re going to listen a lot to the vendors and hear what they have to say.”

The city streets department will block off a section of parking spaces on East Park Place. Vendors then will back their vehicles into the spaces and sell their produce in the park. That should keep sellers and buyers from walking in the street.

The market will be held rain or shine.

“Everything is ready to go,” Hulings said.

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