The cost of water is going up in Union City.

The Union City Municipal Authority Thursday approved a 9 percent rate increase for all water and sanitary-sewer customers in the borough and Union Township.

The new rates will generate revenue for the authority’s $2.7 million expenditure budget that also was approved at Thursday’s authority meeting.

Authority member Marvin Tubbs said the board had no choice but to increase the costs for customers to tap into the borough’s water supply, which originates at Union City Reservoir.

“We have to pay for things we have to do,” Tubbs said. “My water bills are going up, too.”

The authority has several expensive projects on tap that will require additional revenue, said Terry Shrout, the authority’s operations manager.

“It’s not often that we have projects totaling more that $2 million,” Shrout said. “We need to pay for capital improvements and requirements of the state and continue to try to meet water quality standards.”

Water-usage rates fluctuate depending on how much water is used per month, Shrout said.

The minimum monthly charge for a customer using fewer than 2,000 gallons of water per month formerly was $21.39. That minimum charge now is $23.32, an increase of $1.93 per month.

Shrout said each 1 percent increase will generate $8,000.

Customers are charged whether they use water or not, Shrout said.

“Regardless of the rates, we still have to pay for our infrastructure,” he said.

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