Quinn Combs

Corry Area High School sophomore Quinn Combs holds up her drawing that was recently selected as the winner of the 2015 "Through My Eyes" art contest in the drawing category, an event that is sponsored by the Eye Bank Association of America.

Carly Combs was known for her unique pair of eyes — one was bright blue and the other a deep brown.

The former Corry Area High School graduate, who died unexpectedly at the age of 21, earned the title of "Most Enchanting Eyes" during her senior year, an honor that her little sister, Quinn Combs, will always remember.

"Her eyes were so unique," said Quinn, a sophomore at Corry Area High School. "People were drawn to her different-colored eyes."

Carly died on April 14, 2009, but Quinn was able to capture and share her sister's special trait that recently won another award.

Quinn was named the winner of the 2015 "Through My Eyes" art contest in the drawing category, which is sponsored by the Eye Bank Association of America. She submitted a colored-pencil drawing of Carly's eyes as they appeared in the CAHS yearbook her senior year.

The artwork was selected to be published in the March edition of the CORE Connections magazine, an organization based in Pittsburgh. CORE stands for the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

"I was really surprised," Quinn said about being named the winner. "Especially because the contest was open nationwide."

CORE Connections is an organization that is close to Quinn's heart, along with her and Carly's mother, Kelli Combs.

After Carly's death, her corneas were donated to the nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting donation, education and research for the purpose of saving and improving the quality of life through organ, tissue and cornea transplants.

Quinn and Kelli both volunteer for CORE Connections.

The second annual contest aims to give cornea recipients and donor family members the chance to share their experience of receiving sight or giving sight through their loved one.

"They wanted to know why eyes were significant to your life, and I immediately thought of Carly," Quinn said.

Drawing was one of Carly's main hobbies and she used to draw pictures for Quinn when she was a little girl.

"Quinn worked very hard on that drawing," Kelli said about the contest submission. "She spent hours on it. We are very excited that she won."

Quinn, who enjoys drawing everything from still lifes, to landscapes, to animals, said she is thrilled to honor her sister through two things she was known for — her eyes and drawing.

"I feel very honored to share her story," Quinn said. "Especially through something I love to do."

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