Park prepared for summer

Volunteers readied Corry City Park for summer activities by spreading mulch around the vegetation throughout the park on Monday.

Corry Tree Committee members and volunteers spent Monday afternoon spreading mulch throughout Corry City Park to prepare the park for the upcoming summer events.

Shawn Stroup and Justin Gibbons were walking though the park and asked if they could help.

The two volunteers were taken up on their offer and spread mulch to various plants around the park.

The two men plan to return today to finish adding mulch to the trees.

Tina Rash also helped by shoveling the mulch into a wheelbarrow.

"Tina always helps with keeping the park clean," said Tom VanTassel, tree committee chairman. "Volunteers are always welcome and greatly appreciated."

VanTassel said the committee has also been getting literature ready to hand out to visitors at CorryFest.

"We will have a tent set up and we will be educating people about tree care and handing out pamphlets, pencils and pens," VanTassel said.

He said a pamphlet called Dr. Treevorkian will be handed out, too. The information explains what things that are detrimental to the health of trees.

The committee has also been coordinating with the Mead Park Association as the groups are discussing plans to plant five additional trees at Memory Lane in Mead Park.

The groups will meet later this week to decide when the work will begin and what types of trees will be planted.

The tree committee continues to work with Dave Marino, a registered landscape architect with Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors, for improving city park.

"We're still trying to trying to come up with ideas as to what direction we want to go," VanTassel said.

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