Mike Largarticha works on improving the appearance of Main Street by working on several tree beds.


The Corry Tree Committee is replacing 15 tree beds along Main Street to beautify the area.

Mike Largarticha, a member of the tree committee, has volunteered several hours of his time to replace the beds. 

The tree beds were damaged sometime during winter and needed to be repaired.

“The tree committee is just trying to keep all the bricks in place,” Largarticha said. “They were displaced during the snow period and we are trying to put it all back together.”

The tree beds span East and West Main Street from Spring Street to Mill Street. There are 15 beds that need to be replaced. Largarticha has completed about half of them so far. 

“It makes the city look nice and inviting. It is one of our gateway streets and the committee has done a lot of work to improve the trees on our gateway streets,” Largarticha said. “The trees mean a lot to us and to the city.”

To fix the tree beds, Largarticha has to dig up the dirt or old mulch that surrounds the tree. Then, the bricks that lay under the mulch have to be dug up and reset. After the bricks are reset, fresh mulch is laid on top.

“It’s a community effort to help bring the city up. Main Street has been somewhat overlooked, but we are helping redo the tree beds. The Corry Central Labor Club is helping put up banners and Christmas decorations when it gets to be that time,” Largarticha said. “The businesses on Main Street are taking care of their planters and are keeping up with their areas, too. When people go by here, they appreciate how it looks.”

Largarticha added that with the Downtown Corry Business Association bringing in people for First Fridays, it is important that Main Street is also a destination.

“The ladies in the association have made Corry a destination and have more people than ever attending First Fridays,” Largarticha said. “All of the businesses on Main Street are trying to do their part and feel included in the community.”

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