There will be some new faces at the helm of Spartansburg Borough government following Tuesday’s general election.

Incumbent mayor Terry Long did not seek another term in office. Instead, voters will see Republican Julie Sutter’s name on the ballot for the four-year slot.

But Sutter will be challenged by Democrat Ann Louise Wagner, who hopes to become Spartansburg’s new mayor via a write-in campaign.

Also in Spartansburg, two council seats are opening up. Incumbent councilmen Ron Sitterley and Richard Dean did not seek re-election.

Terrance Fisher, a Republican, is the lone candidate on the ballot after winning the nomination by write-ins during the May 3 primary election.

Fisher is the only name on the ballot. The remaining seat, also a four-year term, could be filled by write-in votes.

Susan Bleicher, a Democrat, has launched a write-in campaign for borough council, hoping to fill the other vacant seat.

Also in Spartansburg Borough, incumbent tax collector Connie L. Bell, a Republican, is on the ballot for another four-year term.

For judge of election, incumbent Marlene J. Shambaugh is the sole candidate for a four-year term.

Wilma Dean, a Republican, is on the ballot for inspector of elections. There is one open spot in the borough for a four-year term.

Voters will not see any names on the ballot for one open spot for a six-year auditor, and one open spot for constable, which also carries a six-year term.

Auditor and constable slots could be filled by write-ins.

In Sparta Township, there are two names on the ballot for supervisor.

Incumbent Russell D. Miller, a Republican, is on the ballot for a six-year-term as supervisor.

There is also an open seat for a two-year supervisor term. Norman W. Maynard, also a Republican incumbent supervisor, is on the ballot for the two-year term.

Incumbent Tax collector Susan Christine Jewell, a Republican, is the only name on the ballot for a four-year term.

See the Journal's Friday, October 30th edition for full story.

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