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Jamie Petrush, 25, of Corry, is the magic behind Magic Man Industries. Some of his favorite tricks are close-up magic tricks such as bending metal forks with his mind, a sponge ball routine and an invisible deck trick.





Jamie Petrush, 25, of Corry is the man behind Magic Man Industries and he has been practicing magic for 18 years.

Petrushrecently moved back to Corry after living and performing in Las Vegas for the past four years.

While Petrush is available to hire for private events such as birthday parties and company parties, his talent can be seen Friday at the Corner Bar and Grill, entertaining guests from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

His favorite type of magic is close-up magic, which is what he will be performing Friday.

The owner of the Corner bar, Walt Bowen, has challenged Petrush to cover the center beam in the restaurant with playing cards by the end of the year.

"I do an effect called 'card on ceiling,'" Petrush explained. "It's a classic effect, someone selects a card, they sign the face of it, they place it back in the deck and I shuffle it. I wrap a rubber band around it and then I throw it up in the air."

The deck hits the ceiling and falls down with the signed card left stuck to the ceiling. That is the card that will be added to the center beam, Petrush said.

He performed that trick at the Corner Bar quite a bit, previous to his move to Las Vegas, and Bowen kept each card. 

Petrush has been into magic since he was 7 years old when his parents bought him a magic kit from a school Scholastic book fair. The $10 kit included instructions on how to pick up a banana that still has a peel intact, take the peel off and reveal a perfectly cut banana.

"I was hooked after that," Petrush said.

From there, Petrush bought everything he could that was magic related until he got his first paid gig at age 14. At 16, he was hired at Docksiders Café at Kinzua Marina, working two to four days a week, strictly for tips.

"I was bringing in more money working for tips than what my friends were making at Dairy Queen or Walmart, working five or six days a week," Petrush said.

Petrush furthered his magical studies at Tannen's Magic Camp, a magic summer camp, and was one of the 105 students accepted. He attended the camp for five years. 

He continued his studies at Chavez Studio of Magic in California and graduated in 2014.

He has been able to study with well-known magicians such as Banachek, Michael Ammar and Darren Romeo, to name a few.

The opportunity arose to move to Vegas, and he was hired at Houdini's Magic Shop. 

While working there, he found time to book corporate gigs, birthday parties and street festivals and was able to host his own show at a theater at the Royal Resort Las Vegas once a week this past November and December.

His wife, MaryAnne Petrush, of Corry, and he met at a magic show and she supports his career as his assistant.

Petrush also works as a cook at KC's Ice Cream, 13283 Route 6, Corry, and is offering a birthday package that includes a 45-minute magic show. He is available for magical entertainment at a variety of events.

More information can be found at Petrush's website, www.magicmanindustries.com, and he canbe reached at 814-580-8745 or by email jamie@magicmanindustries.com.


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