Seven new teachers to the Corry Area School District attended an induction and welcome program on Monday in an effort to prepare for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. 

All teachers in the district will report for their first day on Friday, Aug, 23, and students return to classes on Wednesday, Aug. 28.

During the induction program, new teachers were paired up with a teacher mentor and were informed about pupil services, Corry Area Education Association, Act 48, special education and district technology. 

The new teachers are:

Desirae Andrzejczak

Desirae Andrzejczak

• Desirae Andrzejczak resides in Girard and will teach sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade autistic support. 

Andrzejczak has a Bachelor of Science degree from Edinboro University with a dual certification in early childhood education and special education.

She and her husband, Daniel Andrzejczak, have a daughter, Novalee Andrzejczak, 2.

Andrzejczak hopes to eventually become involved in coaching, and has an interest in leading up a club or organization in an advisory position.

"I wanted to become a Corry teacher because it is a wonderful community with plenty of opportunities for children," Andrzejczak said. "I am so excited to be joining."

Tiffany Crozier

Tiffany Crozier


• Tiffany Crozier resides in North East and will teach fifth-grade math as a long-term substitute through December.

She previously taught sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade math and science at Luther Memorial for one year, at North East for three years and at Harbor Creek for one year. 

Crozier and her husband, Andrew Crozier, have four sons, Noah, Carter, Jonah and Carson. 

"I love teaching intermediate aged kids," Crozier said. "I'm excited about the opportunity to teach math. I love how the Corry Area School district already feels like a family."

Summer Maas

Summer Maas

• Summer Maas resides in North East and will teach sixth-grade math.

Maas graduated from Edinboro University with a degree in middle level education. 

Her family members include her parents, Scott and Tamara Maas. 

She has an interest in leading up a club or organization in an advisory position.

"I love the sense of community in this district and how warm and welcoming the faculty and staff are at this district," Maas said. 

Megan Pound

Megan Pound


• Megan Pound resides in North East and will teach high school learning support math.

Pound earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and special education from Edinboro University in 2018.

She is currently an assistant varsity coach for the girls soccer team.

Her family members include her parents, Heather and Dale Pound; sisters, Rebecca Pound and Courtney Bliley; brother-in-law, Raymond Bliley; and nephew, Easton Bliley. 

Emily Rodland

Emily Rodland

• Emily Rodland resides in Belle Valley and will teach middle school learning support math.

Roland's educational background includes teaching two years of teaching at Montessori Regional Charter School and two years of teaching at Charter School of Excellence. 

Once she makes her transition into the school year, Rodland hopes to head up a club and hold an advisory position.

She is getting married in October to her fiancé, Jimmy. She has two cats, Chester and Sally; and one dog, Rufus. 

"I wanted to be a part of a larger school district and to teach special education," Rodland said about why she wanted to become a teacher at CASD.

Leah Walls

Leah Walls

• Leah Walls resides in Corry and will teach ninth- through 12th-grade learning support English. 

Her educational background includes teaching pre-K at St. Thomas School, serving as a substitute teacher at Perseus House and was a lead pre-K Counts teacher at Early Connections. 

Walls said she looks forward to any opportunity to become more involved in the district.

She and her husband, Cody Walls, have five children, Hayden, Mayson, Natalie, Braxton and Preston.

"I grew up in Corry and have always wanted to become a teacher in the district," Walls said. "I am passionate about what I do and would love to be able to have an impact on Corry."

Allison Williams

Allison Williams


• Allison Williams of Corry will teach second-grade learning support. 

Williams has a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and special education, and a minor in coaching.

She hopes to become involved in helping with the district's softball program.

"Corry is home," Williams said. "I went to school here and am very excited to be a part of the Corry Area School District."


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