Speakers bring messages of hope

Myron Bundrant, far left, former pro football player, gave a presentation at Corry Area Middle-High School today for all students in grades seven through 12. With Bundrant, from left, are Danette Tucker, member of the Family Involvement Council, and Kirsten Atwood and Faith Willis, seventh-graders at the middle school. Journal photo by Andy Kerstetter

Myron Bundrant, a former pro football player, is one of two speakers brought in by the Corry Area School District’s Family Involvement Council to give presentations to area students today.

“This is the first time I’ve done something like this,” Bundrant said during a presentation to seventh- through ninth-graders at Corry Area Middle-High School.

And if it hadn’t been for certain people in his life and his own determination, he might never have been in the position to be invited to Corry to speak, which is the point of his presentations — how he got here from there.

In the talks he gave this morning to seventh- through 12th-graders at Corry Area Middle-High School, Bundrant spoke about how he overcame dyslexia and went on to play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers with the help of his teachers and coaches.

His teachers and coaches were like family to him, and he didn’t get much support from his home life.

“My father was a mean person,” Bundrant said.

After suffering five herniated discs in his back, Bundrant’s athletic career was over — but he has since helped people through working for Family Services of Northwest Pennsylvania at their Mercer County office.

“I chose the road I chose thanks to people like your teachers,” Bundrant told students at the middle-high school.

The other speaker, Dennis Barger, a longtime educator and coach turned consultant, spoke to area elementary students at Columbus Elementary School in the morning and Corry Elementary School in the afternoon.

Both Barger and Bundrant will give presentations for parents and other community members in the Corry Area School District today in the high school auditorium, with Barger presenting from 6 to 7 p.m. and Bundrant from 7 to 8 p.m.

The speakers are part of the Family Involvement Council’s efforts to bring families together, and to let kids know that they’re never alone.

The Family Involvement Council debated about who to bring in as today’s speakers.

“We talked about a great number of people,” said Dan Daum, federal programs coordinator for the Corry Area School District. “There’s no litmus test.”

Today’s presentations are free of charge, and are open to the entire community.

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