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The 2021 Corry Area High School Homecoming Queen and King will be crowned during halftime of Friday's football game versus Fairview at Howard Sheen Field.

Members of the Homecoming court will be featured during Thursday's Homecoming parade, which will begin at the high school at 6 p.m. and roll through downtown Corry on its way to Corry Area Primary School. This year's theme is "Under the Sea with Spongebob and Friends." 


2021 Queen candidates

Rachel Brady

Rachel is the daughter of Beth and Thomas Brady. 

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 Samantha Goodwill

Samantha is the daughter of Karen and Jason Goodwill. 

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Olivia Jaworski

Olivia is the daughter of Wendy and Jamie Jaworski. 

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Kendall Keener

Kendall is the daughter of Sunny and John Keener. 

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Madyson Rivera

Madyson is the daughter of Teresa Earle. 

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 Alyssa Rowland

Alyssa is the daughter of Kim and Scott Rowland. 

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2021 King candidates

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Nick Brundage

Nick is the son of Julie and John Brundage. 

Nick Brundage.JPG

Aidan Kafferlin

Aidan is the son of Jennifer and Chad Kafferlin. 

Aidan Kafferlin.JPG

 Hayden Linkerhof

Hayden is the son of Joy and Tim Linkerhof. 

Hayden Linkerhof.JPG

Caleb Marrs

Caleb is the son of Caryn and Joe Marrs. 

Caleb Marrs.JPG

Hunter Savitz

Hunter is the son of Missy and Steve Savitz. 

Hunter Savitz.jpg

 Levi Tasker

Levi is the son of Rachael and Devin Tasker.

Levi Tasker.JPG

Little Attendants 

Ruby Johnson and Isaac Johnson

Ruby and Isaac Johnson.jpg

Ruby is a 6-year-old first-grader at Corry Area Primary School. Isaac is a 7-year-old second-grader at Corry Area Primary School. Mandi and Scott Johnson are the parents of Ruby and Isaac.

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