Clymer Town Board

From left are Michael Watrous, Clymer town employee; Scott Trisket, highway superintendent, Stephanie Bailey, town clerk; Melissa Ranney, councilwoman; Brian Willink, deputy supervisor; and Todd Kolstee, councilman. Missing from the photo are Town of Clymer Supervisor Travis Heiser and Debby Schurman, budget officer.

Clymer, N.Y. — The town board of Clymer met on Tuesday evening at the highway building, 8026 Route 474, to organize for 2020 and discuss additional business items.

In the absence of Town of Clymer Supervisor Travis Heiser, the meeting was facilitated by councilman Brian Willink.

Several organization resolutions were approved, including various town leadership positions and respective salaries for the upcoming year.

The following individuals will serve the town of Clymer in their respective capacities in 2020:

Travis Heiser will serve as town supervisor with a salary of $6,000.

Stephanie Bailey was approved as town clerk with a salary of $7,950. She will also earn $150 as record management officer, $150 as registrar of vital statistics, and $3,400 as water secretary.

Scott Trisket was approved as highway superintendent for 2020 and will earn $52,020.80 with an additional $1,200 for the extra job of overseeing the water system. He will be able to attend highway school at the town's expense.

Each person serving on the town board in 2020 will earn $1000 for the year. Currently, these individuals include: Brian Willink, Todd Kolstee and Melissa Ranney.

Willowe Neckers was approved as town tax collector with a salary of $2,450.

Jenniene Scarem was approved as town assessor and will earn $11,700.

Debby Schurman will serve as secretary to the supervisor, earning $6,400 for 2020. As budget officer, Schurman will earn an additional $1,800.

Laurie Beckerink will serve as town justice for $4,200. She will be able to attend the Chautauqua County Magistrate's Association at the town's expense and is authorized to hire a court stenographer if she deems it necessary.

Secretary to the town justice, Shelly Fralick, will earn $11.80 per hour.

Water plant official, Jerrold Schurman, will be paid $5,000 for the year.

Wayne TeCulver was appointed as zoning officer with a salary of $1,300.

Jeff Messenger was appointed as code enforcement officer for 2020 and will earn $8,600.

A dog control officer, once hired, will earn $12.39 per hour plus mileage.

School crossing guards, Tina Koerselman and Patricia Philips, will each earn $2,400 for 2020.

Part-time custodian Michael Watrous will earn $3,300. He will also earn $14 per hour as cemetery laborer.

Town historian, Cindy Willink, will earn $450 while Breanna Summers, recreation director, will earn $480. Recreation leaders will each earn $11.80 per hour.

Howard Holthouse will make $12 per hour as compactor operator.

The town rate for business miles driven was amended from 54 cents per mile to match the federal rate of 57.5 cents per mile.

Brian Willink was appointed as deputy supervisor and will have the authority to sign checks for the year 2020 if and when the supervisor is away.

Joel Seachrist and Crandall Nyweide will be town attorneys for 2020.

Additionally, the Corry Journal was approved as the town's official newspaper and the Community Bank in Clymer as the depository for 2020.

It was also decided that in 2020, town of Clymer board members will continue meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the town highway building. The one exception will be in November, when the town board will meet on Wednesday, Nov. 4, due to a federal election taking place the preceding day.

Debby Schurman was ill and therefore absent from the meeting. It was stated that she would provide an annual financial report and discuss account transfers at the next monthly meeting.

It was announced that there is currently one open seat on the town board, as councilman Matt Wade resigned effective December 31. The Board of Elections has been notified and an election will take place in November, provided a candidate begins petitioning by Feb. 25.

Willink noted that board members can appoint someone to fill the vacancy during the interim, and board members with candidates in mind should give their names to Heiser for consideration.

It was clarified for those in attendance that a streetlight bill from National Grid for the month of December was not adjusted to reflect charges for new LED lights. The change will be reflected in future monthly statements, National Grid told Heiser.

Bailey also announced that an energy efficiency incentive check in the amount of $4,770 has been issued by National Grid and received by the town.

In November, the town of Clymer submitted a formal request to the New York State Department of Transportation to look into the possibility of installing a four-way stop in the middle of town at the intersection of Route 474 and Clymer-Corry Road. NYS DOT responded on Dec. 26 that they have received the request and will begin an investigation to evaluate the intersection. The town will be notified of the results at the conclusion of this study.

Highway superintendent Scott Trisket commented that this study has been done in the past, and the department of transportation said that an all-way stop was not feasible at that time.

The towns of Clymer, Mina and French Creek are in the market for a shared dog control officer and ads have been placed on Facebook and in The Corry Journal, but they have received no applications as of yet.

The town board is also working on obtaining potential grants for a water project as well as a town playground.

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