The Corry Redevelopment Authority took a step this week to continue to rehabilitate a landmark building in Corry for reuse.

The redevelopment authority in February agreed to request a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The $150,000 grant would help renovations continue on the former Woolworth building, 51-53-55 N. Center St.

The money would go toward setting up a retail incubator/multitenant building. Plans for the building include space for crafts, homemade wood items, homemade quilts, and food vendors, according to Rick Novotny, economic specialist for Corry.

The Appalachian Regional Commission is a federal commission that provides grants to rural agencies in the Appalachian Region. The commission covers a 205,000-square-mile region along the Appalachian Mountains that spans from southern New York state to northern Mississippi. The region includes all of West Virginia and part of 12 other states, including Pennsylvania.

In order to obtain the $150,000 grant, the redevelopment authority had to come up with matching funds. The redevelopment authority on Wednesday approved a resolution that would commit $150,000 of local funds to match the grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The matching funds would come from the redevelopment authority’s accounts, Novotny said.

Redevelopment authority members Kelly Goodsel, Tina Freeman, Robert Williams, David Dearborn and Marian Barton all approved the resolution.

Also in February, the redevelopment authority approved a grant application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Economic Development Initiative Grant, which is for $100,000, would set aside $95,000 for the former Woolworth building.

Novotny said plans call for inside construction to be done at the building during the winter months.

“We hope to be finished by spring,” Novotny said.

See the Journal's Friday, September 25th edition for full story.

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