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Tonight, Santa Claus will load up his sleigh at the North Pole and visit the homes of boys and girls who have been good all year long. But what does Santa do after he delivers presents all around the world? The Journal asked students in Connie Balek’s third-grade class from Corry Area Intermediate School, “After Christmas is over, what does Santa do the rest of the year?”

Ayden Beckerink, 8

Ayden Beckerink

“He goes to the North Pole, puts his reindeer away and goes on vacation with the head elf.”

Kieara Graves, 8

Kieara Graves

“Keeps making presents.”

Evelyn Beckman, 8

Evelyn Beckman

“He takes a long nap.”

Sarah Miles, 8

Sarah Miles

“He goes to Hawaii for spring and summer, and makes presents in the fall and winter.”

Rylee Phillips, 8

Rylee Phillips

“He goes on vacation.”

Cooper Hodak, 9 

Cooper Hodak

“He helps out the plumbing service.”

Lily Fuller, 9

Lily Fuller

“He goes to the beach.”

Kayla Barker, 9

Kayla Barker

“Santa has a party with his elves.”

Hannah Daily, 9

Hannah Daily

“He watches to see who is good or bad.”

Addison Amy, 9

Addison Amy

“He goes on vacation while the elves make the toys and comes back in time for Christmas.”

Ethan Waters, 8

Ethan Waters

 “He wraps presents the whole year.”

Katelyn Mulvin, 8

Katelyn Mulvin

 “He goes to a warmer place for vacation, then he watches the kids for the rest of the year.”

Sydney Mineo, 8

Sydney Mineo

“Santa and his elves relax in reclining chairs and then makes more toys.”

Katie Miller, 9

Katie Miller

“Santa has a welcome back party with a bunch of pies.”

Baylee Davis, 8

Baylee Davis

“He gets fit and goes to a warm place while the elves make toys.”

Greyson Linkerhof, 8

Greyson Linkerhof

“Santa goes on vacation until next Christmas.”

Adalyn Scouten, 9

Adalyn Scouten

“Santa has a party and he opens his presents.”

Kamdyn Moon, 8

Kamdyn Moon

“He sits and relaxes while elves make presents for next year.”

 Blake Stanbro, 9

Blake Stanbro

“He feeds the reindeer and checks on the elves making toys.”

 Brandi Easton, 9

Brandi Easton

“He will go to Florida and go to the beach.”

Wynter Carnes, 9

Wynter Carnes

“He takes Mrs. Claus on a date and finds a new chef so she doesn’t have to make cookies.”


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