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A grant to support revitalization projects was awarded to Impact Corry on Tuesday in the amount of $202,400.

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) awarded a total of $772,200 toward four projects throughout the county as part of its 2019 Mission Main Street Grant Program.

Specifically, Impact Corry was awarded funds to build a real and virtual entrepreneurial ecosystem and business district destination.

Impact Corry will be focusing its revitalization efforts of the arts to turn an underperforming and underdrawing portion of the city into a sought-after destination.

"Impact Corry applied for Mission Main Street funding on behalf of Corry businesses to help with facade renovations, local marketing efforts, business resource development and an online events and business destination website," said Bill Nichols, President of Impact Corry. "Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority's Mission Main Street grants have proven to reinvigorate neighborhoods and main corridors, boost buy-local efforts and combat blight throughout our county."

Previous Mission Main Street grants have provided downtown trees, benches and flower planters, while funding the railroad property park project, the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail kiosk and bike fix it station.

"Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority continues to be pivotal in funding important projects throughout our region and has been incredibly generous to the Corry community," said Sandy McClellan, Impact Corry board member. "This Mission Main Street grant is just one more example of how ECGRA has stepped up to help our community thrive and prosper."

Impact Corry predicts facade renovations will begin during construction season 2020, with other elements debuting after the first of the year. 

"This effort would not be possible without the integrated efforts of numerous downtown businesses, commercial property owners, local advocacy programs and individuals who have worked with Impact Corry to develop this project," said Charles Gray, community development director for Impact Corry. 

ECGRA has set aside $2.5 million in grants over the next three years for main street revitalization. Mission Main Street grantees are required to match ECGRA funds.


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