Real estate sold in Erie County

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently at the Erie County Courthouse. The sale price is determined from the state transfer tax. Those transactions that are not taxed will not include a sale price.


Clayton E. Webber and wife to Clayton E. Webber and others, ID# 03003007000300 etc., $0.


Weston Milligan to Alison Coe Hoon Hee, 539 Catherine St., $500; Robert L. May to Canfield Realty LLC, 318 E. Columbus Ave., $125,000; Lonny T. Eastman and wife to James Miller, 152 Johnson St., $62,000; Mary Lou Hockenberry to Steven Daniels and wife, no address, $129,000; Charles Ugino to Corry Higher Education Council, 24 W. Park Place, $10,000; Stephen P. Fahey and wife to William A. Barton, 512 W. Smith St., $15,000.


Vanessa A. McGuire to Tyler Eastman, 11 Brown St., $35,000; Joann Elder to Shaun Turley and others, 9 Fourth Ave., $71,000; Ahmed M. Syed and wife to Corey M. Bailey, 5 South St., $175,000; Camille Flinn and husband to Ryan M. Better and wife, 17 Willow St., $50,000.


Gary P. Johnson and wife to Daniel Hill, 10728 Elgin Road, $257,800.

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