During a regular business meeting Monday, Corry City Council forgave the 2010 property taxes of two blighted Corry properties.

Properties at 316 Sixth St. and 29 Franklin St. were acquired by the Corry Redevelopment Authority in December of 2009.

“These properties were acquired with the view that they were blighted and well beyond any recoverable point,” said Rick Novotny, economic specialist for the Corry Redevelopment Authority, in a letter addressed to council.

Both properties were slated for demolition. The house at 29 Franklin St. was demolished on Monday, Aug. 9.

A dilapidated house at 316 Sixth St. is scheduled for demolition in 2011.

The Redevelopment Authority has filed for tax exemptions for the two properties with Erie County for future years until the properties are resold.

“Hopefully they will become redeveloped and provide revenue in the future,” Novotny said in his letter.

In other council news:

• Council heard from Liberty Street resident Stan Komenda who asked if there was progress being made concerning a drainage problem on Liberty Street. Poor drainage causes Komenda’s yard to be filled with water.

Councilman Pat Migliaccio told Komenda work is being done to get the elevation levels and site surveys. Migliaccio said once council has elevation figures and council knows how the work will be paid for, the work will start.

City Administrator Gerry Dahl said council is waiting for surveyors to get on the site.

• The Corry City Fire Department responded to 78 fire alarm situations in the month of July, with medical assistance situations being the most numerous with 26 calls.

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