City of Corry

Corry City Council approved building a website in April, newly separated from the previous website, which was hosted by Impact Corry. This decision was sparked by Impact Corry's move to have its website redone, and officials decided it was time the city had its own. 

The website can now be reached with .com and .gov domain endings as of Tuesday, and that's not the only updated feature of the new city website. There have been many special features added.

There are a lot of additions to the website, City Business Manager Nick Heil said.

Now website visitors can use it to report nonemergency issues by clicking on "report a problem" or by clicking on a "contact us" link at the top, Heil said. The "contact us" link redirects a user to a page of main office hours, phone numbers and a digital form that can be filled out and submitted to city officials.

Urgent emergencies should still be called in to 911, Heil said.

Another new feature is downloadable forms, Heil went on to say.

Among the headers near the top is one entitled, "doing business with the city." Hovering over that header, or clicking on it, will give you an option to be redirected to "documents and forms."

"They can get on there and download a lot of files that they couldn't before, such as dog licenses and city ward maps," Heil said.

There is a large list of forms, applications and documents that can be downloaded.

Also at the top of the website is a link, "receive updates."

"People can also sign up to receive automatic updates anytime we make changes or put news out there," Heil said. "You'll receive emails. That also gives us the ability to text, too."

Though a phone number is not required when signing up for emails, the texting function, if a phone number is provided, is for emergency situations and will not be used often but will provide the city a way to directly contact users if an emergency situation arises, Heil explained.

Additional information has been put on the website that was not provided before like tax information from the city treasurer, contact information of city officials and employees and educational content about the city, its history and water system, Heil added, highlighting just a few additions that have been made.

There are improvements that will be added on an ongoing basis, Heil said.

One idea being considered is mapping, which could show users where work is being done, including construction, water system issues, emergencies and sewer system issues.

"We could essentially have a map on the website that highlights right where the issues are, but we can easily post an announcement and subscribers will automatically receive updates through email," Heil said.

There are pictures and videos on the website that were submitted by residents. If a resident would like a picture of Corry considered for use on the website, it can be sent to

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