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The Union City Area School District will begin to put its distance learning plan into effect on Friday, March 27.

Union City is taking a multi-tiered approach to remote instruction since the school district has a population of families who lack internet accessibility or limited reception of the internet, according to UCASD Superintendent Matthew Bennett.

"The geography of our district makes it impossible to go strictly online," he said. "We have done connectivity tests through providers and they have confirmed that connectivity is a huge issue."

To ensure all students have learning opportunities, UCASD distributed a survey to the district's families to discern which mode of education would best meet their needs.

"Some chose to work from the internet and accessing their materials electronically, others have requested the learningĀ materials in paper form," Bennett said. "We are following the state's recommendation of a continuity of education plan."

Union City teachers have been diligently working on creating these plans, linking them to the district's website atĀ, and creating packets for each individual student, according to Bennett.

"Our families that have chosen to get these materials will be picking them up tomorrow when they pick up their meals or during one of two scheduled pick-up sessions," Bennett told The Corry Journal on Thursday.

UCASD families are able to pick up the packets on Friday at the main entrance of Union City Area Middle-High School, 107 Concord St., between 8 and 10 a.m. and then again from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Materials will also be given out during UC's meal distribution on Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

"These activities and learning opportunities are designed for a two week span," Bennett said Thursday. "We will be sharing with parents over the weekend specific ways to communicate questions, etc., with our faculty as they work on these materials. We are still formulating when 'office hours,' etc., will be next week."

UC students will be able to contact their teacher via email with any questions regarding the packets. Bennett said special education teachers will have Trac Phones and will give out the numbers to students on their caseloads.

He added that video streaming instruction is not a viable option for the school district because of the internet bandwidth in the community.

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