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Corry Police Department and Corry Public Works Department are reminding motorists to allow room between their cars and plow trucks and salt trucks.

"We want to make sure the public can get to where they want to go safely and we're asking drivers to give us room to do our jobs," said Corry Streets Superintendent Terry Williams.

Williams and Corry Police Chief Rich Shopene are advising drivers to give the trucks room to do their jobs so they can continue to keep the roads clear and citizens safe. 

Drivers should also be aware that due to blind spots and blowing snow from the plows, plow truck and salt truck drivers may not see the car behind them if motorists are following too closely.

"The general rule is that if they can't see our mirrors, then we can't see them," Williams said.

Williams said motorists should keep in mind that plow trucks and salt trucks make many stops and back up frequently to plow the roads properly.

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