Dasty, Corry’s former K-9, dies at 12

Officer Dasty

Corry City Police Patrolman Brian Arnink said goodbye to his buddy of 10 years — Dasty, the police department’s former canine.

Due to declining health, Dasty was euthanized by a veterinarian on Friday.

Dasty, who turned 12 years old on June 18, served with handler Arnink as the police department’s K-9 Unit for nine years. Dasty, who wore badge No. 51, started with the department in 2000 under then-handler Patrolman Rodney Mederious. Arnink took over as handler when Mederious left the department. Arnink had helped with Dasty’s training. He took over as handler when Dasty was 3 years old, and they had been together a total of 10 years.

Dasty, a male, was a purebred German shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Arnink said Dasty “loved the job.”

“He really loved to work,” Arnink said. “When it was time for him to be called, he did his job.

Dasty was a dual purpose police canine, trained for patrol activity, narcotics and tracking.

Arnink said Dasty found a lot of narcotics during drug seizures in the city and outside of the city. He also was an excellent tracker.

“When he tracked somebody, he was always right on the money,” Arnink said.

Unfortunately, a dog can only track until the scent ends, like when a person gets into a vehicle and drives away or when too much traffic interferes with a person’s scent.

Arnink would also take Dasty into Corry schools, where together they would educate students about the dangers of drugs and crime.

“He was the first dog we took into the schools for demonstrations,” Arnink said. “He was a ham. He loved going into the schools.”

Arnink said Dasty enjoyed going into the school with Arnink even when he wasn’t giving a demonstration.

Although a member of the police department, Dasty lived with Arnink and his family and was treated like a member of their family.

Dasty retired from the police department in May 2009. Arnink then became the handler for the department’s new canine, Zeus, who joined the department in May 2009.

Zeus is also a purebred German shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Zeus also lives with and is being raised by the Arnink family, and had lived there with Dasty.

Arnink trained Zeus, who wears badge No. 25, and they are now the police department’s K-9 Unit.

But for Arnink, there was only one Dasty.

“He will really be missed,” Arnink said.

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