Tree stump grinding

About 11 stumps remain from a May 2018 gateway tree removal project, organized by the Corry Tree Committee. Two in a row are pictured on East Main Street. The Corry Public Works Department will grind all remaining stumps this fall.


Corry Tree Committee will soon be able to complete a gateway tree removal project started in 2018 by grinding stumps left over.

About 11 trees were removed on Main and Center streets in May 2018 as part of a project organized by the Corry Tree Committee, made possible by a grant from Corry Cares, a now defunct group. While some residents were able to deal with stumps that were left behind, others have not been able to remove the left over stumps.

The tree committee contributed $1,000 toward the purchase of a stump grinder, for the city of Corry in June.

A need for a stump grinder arose during a citywide water project to update the city's aging water system. Many trees were cut down to stumps in order to clear areas for new construction, such as the well houses that were torn down and rebuilt over the last year, Corry Public Works Department Lead Operator Mark Leofsky said.

The trees removed were in the road verge, sometimes called the tree lawn — between the roadway and the sidewalk — and were at least 150 years old. They decaying trees grew too tall and had to be removed.

The stump grinder purchased is an attachment for a high flow skid steer, which is being used currently to mill and patch city streets.

Corry Tree Committee is working with Corry Public Works Department to get the work done. 

"I still want to do it while the weather's nice," Leofsky said.

When general patching and paving are complete, Leofsky said more workers will be available to address multiple projects such as the stump grinding.

Leofsky said he intends to start stump grinding before the snow falls, though a high flow skid steer could still perform the work as long as the ground is not frozen.

"The intention is to replant trees, but of course, it would have to be with the homeowners' permission," Corry Tree Committee Chairman Tom VanTassel said.

New trees can be planted in the spring or the fall, but only after the stumps are removed.

Only property owners that had trees removed as part of the gateway tree removal project will have road verge stumps addressed.


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What about doing something that would encourage the local owner to plant some sort of low growing plant in the stump?

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